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November 15th, 2010

04:20 pm - There are some marvelous people in the world
I was away from my course for much of last week because of a gut bug. I'm not going to focus on the bug itself, which will come as a surprise to those who know me in person. 

Instead, I want to write about the people I am studying with and how wonderful they are.

When it hit, I got all woozy and had to sit down for a bit. The lady I was working with is half my size and she practically carried me up the ramp to the deck where I'd be out of the sun while I recovered, then went and got me a huge drink. While I was sitting there, several people checked on me and asked if there was anything I needed. The tutors all made sure I knew they knew I wasn't shirking and sent me home, after checking I was safe to drive. 

After a few days off, I was a little wound up about having missed things and being behind on coursework. When I got back, I was welcomed back with love and concern. They even got me a little sage seedling as a consolation for missing a field trip to the botanic gardens and a working nursery. It was sitting on my desk, happy as larry when I got in this morning. 

These people have made the transition from stuck at home to a caring working environment so easy. I never expected to feel such love from relative strangers, but I have found it. I treasure them all and I hope I can do as much for them. I am thankful.
Current Mood: cheerfulIn awe

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October 13th, 2010

09:55 am - I am the Digginest thing ever!
 Well, probably not, but it feels that way.

I started a Horticulture course on Monday. After all the paperwork and introductions, I was shown a 3m squared plot of land that was to be mine. Then I had the procedure for Split Digging explained and was handed a shovel. So I dug until 2:50 ish, then tidied up and went home. Don't remember much of that evening. I think I probably just zoned out until someone poured me into bed. 

Tuesday was better. I got to sieve compost (yes, it does need sieving) and stir that into my plot with a garden fork. Then more stirring with a chop hoe. (I get to talk about hoes in public now!) Then a short break to pot up some truly awful mixtures of plants for the buying public, some paperwork, then home.  Note: if someone asks you to put bright pink pansies in with marigolds, don't expect anyone to enjoy looking at it once they bloom.  Possibly a housewarming gift for someone who really deserves a headache. 

Today, I'm playing hooky because I wanted to spend some time with my partner. I am a little worried that this new thing in my life will become the *only* thing in my life, so I'm taking steps to make sure that doesn't happen. Also, my back could use a break from the digging. 
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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September 29th, 2010

12:10 pm
 I bin planting things!

Monday I got my hands dirty and potted up a bunch of herbs (we will never again want for oregano) and some marigolds. In my previous attempts at gardening, I have confined myself to edible things, and have found myself veiwing their care as a chore very quickly. These flowers are also edible, but I plan to enjoy them for a while before pulling the heads off and making salads and tea.

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September 17th, 2010

11:46 am - The best laid plans of mice and....other mice....
 Well I've had a couple of sleepless nights and emotional days. There is a reason for it, but not a good one. 

See, I made an appointment to see a new Psychologist on Saturday, and I made the mistake of sending her an email to ask if there was any homework she'd like me to do before I saw her. 

There was. 

Oh, boy, was there homework.

I'm still only about a third of the way through it, and the bombs are still dropping, so if I'm a bit uncommunicative or unavailable over the next week or so, you now know why.

Fingers crossed that it's all worth it.
Current Mood: hopefultired, but hopeful

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September 15th, 2010

10:23 am
 I am definitely making myself another salad today, because the dressing for the salad yesterday was awesome.

Juice of 3 oranges, about 2Tbsps of Balsamic Vinegar, Some Olive oil. Makes about a cup of dressing. Yum.

Yesterday's TaDo list went off without a hitch, and today's is looking pretty solid. 

TaDo TaDay:
Get WINZ form (and appointment next week to hand it in) [check, check]
Buy All the Things [check]
Fold laundry that the sun dried for me yesterday[check]
Play many FaceBook games[check]
Pack away Winter clothes[check]
Unpack/ Wash summer sheets [check]
Play one of the many Point-n-Click Steam games that have been piling up lately
Finish the Shower Basket hack.

Things TaDo TaMorrow:
Blood tests
Post photos of Shower basket hack...I'm sure there will be more to TaMorrow than this......*is confused*
Perhaps bake a pie.

[edit] It turns out I will be paying All The Bills tomorrow. Sigh.
Current Mood: chipperchipper

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September 14th, 2010

10:06 am - Kicking myself into gear....
 To borrow a format from a webcomic artiste:

Things TaDo TaDay:
Tackle WINZ to see if they will cover the cost of BrainShrinkage [check]
Exercize [check]
Vaccuummuumm [check]
Put laundry on line or through dryer depending on how loving the clouds look [check]
Take Boy to the doctor [check]
Make awesome salad
Play in an RolePlaying Game with awesome friends

Things TaDo TaMorrow:
Ummm. Still working on that.
Go to the supermarket to Buy All The Things
Give small amounts of blood for medical experimentation
Pick up form the WINZ helpdesk said I needed and make appointment for next week
Prolly sit around the house playing FaceBook games.
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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August 31st, 2010

02:17 pm - Eulogy for Loki, My fuzzy friend.
 He came into my life as a kitten, chosen from the SPCA because he had no compunctions about playing with strangers and a Really Loud Purr. We were told that he had been abandoned with the rest of his litter in a box under a bridge. He was destined to be the heart of this house for fourteen years.

I don't remember him being shy about moving in. I do remember how quickly he figured out where we kept the kitty treats and how long he spent trying to figure out how to break into the drawer. I remember him curling up on the laps of visitors and sucking the buttons on their shirts, zipping around under people's feet and generally being adorable. It was this that earned him the full name of Don Loki Underfoot.

His kittenhood ended abruptly when we had him done, and a sulky teenager emerged. He learned to beg for scraps from a flatmate who could deny him no sausage skin and produced a piercing wail that seemed to go on for hours with no pause for breath. His response to a worming paste that was designed to be licked off the fur was to roll on the carpet and wipe it off. Even at his surliest, he would curl up next to me when I was sick, greet me with a cheery trill and a headbut. 

He grew into an enormous tom, and his prime years were spent staring down intruders to his territory, although he rarely came home with abscesses unless he'd been fighting the queen next door. He never knew how to deal with girls. I once saw him stop a kitten from walking out onto the road by gently knocking it over and cleaning it for half an hour, with an eye out in case it's mother came by to beat him up. 

It took the me and the vet longer than it should have to figure it out when he had cistitis, because he never hissed or scratched us when he was in even severe pain. 

At the end of July, we noticed that he was developing a limp in his left forelimb, and we took him to the vet to get it checked out. We put him on a series of injections for Arthritis, which helped him move more freely and start to play again, but the front leg was getting worse.  After an X-ray to confirm the diagnosis, we decided that surgery was not an option, because his arthritis was everywhere in his body, and because the continuous trips to the vet were stressing him out.  It took longer than it should have, but we decided that 24th August would be his last day. That gave a week for us to pamper him rotten and for friends and family to say goodbye. 

He passed in my arms, but I still feel him around the house. Goodbye old man. I miss you.

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August 22nd, 2010

11:13 am - *sniffle* Thanks guys!
 This is for everyone who has reached out  to support us through Loki's last week. His appointment is on Tuesday morning, so we still have a little way to go. 
Many of you have never met our fuzzy ball of erratic-ness, other than as gushy "guess what the cat did," stories. Somehow it always amazes me how amazing folks like you can be. (Not that the folk who actually met him aren't amazing, coz you are.)

I am not ready to eulogize him yet, but as soon as I am I will put up pictures and stories here.
Current Mood: sadsad, but grateful

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August 19th, 2010

09:05 pm - A Final Decision....
 Loki is a large orange cat who has been my friend for fourteen years. Some days he has been my only reason to get up in the morning. 

For the last couple of weeks, he has had a severe limp brought on by arthritis. theunshaven and I have done our best to get him the medical attention he needs to be comfortable, but for some reason his pain has gone from bad to much, much worse.

We have made the decision to discontinue the long-term treatment and make this his last week. His pain will be managed with meds in his food, and he will be spoiled rotten. 

If anyone who lives around here wants to say goodbye, give us a call and you can come and hug him and feed him kitty treats. I'm sure he won't mind.
Current Mood: sadsad

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May 17th, 2010

11:54 am - A bizarre symptom of wellness...
 Last  week, I was apathetic and grumpy. What makes this weird is that I'm better now, and I didn't realize I had a cold until it was over. 

Today I am reading Changes, borrowed from my partners littlest brother, and making a huge pot of chicken soup.

Life is good.

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